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D400 dual mono PreOut "split" (headphone)?
Hi, i'd still like to use the PreOut feature when stepping up from D200 to D400/dual mono (headphone amp link).

From what i've found, the standard path seems to be a slave connection via AES/EBU input and thus "freeing" the stereo PreOut of the slave.

On the other hand, when using the standard master-slave connection via SPDIF (both "stealing" one of the PreOut outputs of each unit), there is the chance to configure the remaining PreOut output as a mono PreOut - which can be configured as left or right channel each => so there seems to be stereo PreOut split into two devices, still the chance to use slave inputs and the trigger cable for perfect standby mode (not possible via AES/EBU slave connection afaik).

(The configurator then shows "Sub" instead of PreOut/left/right etc.)

Did anybody try that, yet? Does it work? Any problems due to uncommon ground for both channels?
Have you tried setting it up like that in the configurator? If it’s not possible it probably won’t let you.
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Oh, i was so stupid. The Configurator allowed all my combinations, but the headphones remained quiet. Even after switching to AES/EBU slave connection and PreAmp stereo activation (slave side). The input switch of the headphone amp was set to balanced input instead of RCA...

Finally, the config is working and as i do not need any input from the slave i will stay with that for a while at least.

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