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New firmware 2.16.1 and rebooting
But they’re wired, on Ethernet. I don’t see why wifi matters here.
(19-Dec-2022, 01:43)booshtukka Wrote: But they’re wired, on Ethernet. I don’t see why wifi matters here.

why don't u unplug from ethernet and setup again using wifi as a test
Okay I’ll try this tomorrow.
Using just wifi and had no more crashes - definitely an Ethernet issue. But I’ve no idea how to diagnose it and would prefer Ethernet if possible.

My network currently is double NATing - could that cause an issue?
wifi for phantom is not bad at all, but seems you can also further improve stability using optical as input to one of the pair, and use an ethernet cable for pairing between the two
I’ll try this too, but would still love to understand what the issue was
Don't know what actually is double NATing but after some info checking it seems that you are using more than 1 router which cause IP crashing. 

If you need to use more than 1 router for wider coverage guess you need to build a mesh wifi system which unify the routers, then you probably can use ethernet connection without crashing. But that is only my guess.
Yes, I have a mesh network already. Smile Double NAT rarely causes issues these days, but perhaps the Phantoms are more susceptible…

Merry Xmas!

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