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Phantom Premier/Phantom I Models and Versions - Please Contribute!
(03-Mar-2022, 00:15)tomsag Wrote: I have two Phantom I (103dB):

N50P00*  - this one draws around 12,5W idle
P22N00*  - this one draws around 25W idle

What is the difference? Both sound same. the N50* boots a little quicker...

Very interesting @tomsag.  Your observations that the speaker with the earlier production date boots faster and draws less power on idle are the opposite of what I would expect.  Devialet announced the new models on 3rd Feb 2021 (which would correspond to serial numbers beginning P05) and we know that the revisions included a faster ARM Cortex-A9 processor (faster boot) and a SoC architecture that was much more power-efficient (lower power consumption), however I would expect your P22 Phantom to be the one exhibiting these properties.

Please can you confirm that you didn't mix them up?  Also, it would be super-helpful to get the last four digits of the serial numbers (see the app) and model numbers (printed on the bottom of the speaker).  Many thanks!
Sorry, you are right - I messed them up. It's the opposite.

And P22* has even lower idle wattage, about 8W.
(14-Mar-2022, 21:27)steve_denney Wrote: Phantom gold purchased 2018
K22P 4U06 MX207

Phantom gold purchased 2017
J46P 4U06 MX207

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Replacement elevated 108db White Golds
Q04P 4U20. MX207. March 2022
Q04P. 4U20. MX207 March 2022

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Two Phantom Premier (Glossy Classic) 103dB. Purchased refurbished 2-3 weeks ago.

Model MX207



What info are these serials telling? If you know…. Thx.

2-Channel Power / Signal Path: APC H15 → Mistral Audio W-3900 → Custom Roon Rock Server → Silent Angel Bonn N8 → Silent Angel Forester F1 → miniDSP SHD Studio → Mutec MC-3+ USB → Devialet Phantom Premier Classic 103dB

See a post of a Phantom I 103dB stereo setup in a mid-sized room.
Glossy Gold Phantom N27P U20 - draws 6W idle
Glossy Gold Phantom N27P U20 - draws 6W idle
Phantom I 108DB Q04P U20 - draws 4W idle
Phantom Premier Classic - P41N P307
2x Phantom II 98db

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