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Sweet Room EQ - Not applied to DLNA input
Wasn't sure where to report this finding, having just been browsing the Focus Fidelity thread, but I wanted it to be known that the EQ file is not honoured on the DLNA input (can't say if it's true for the other IP input methods, like ROON).

A few months ago, I verified this by implementing a gigantic midrange suck-out filter, and it wasn't evident via listening or measurement. Bit of a shock when I thought I was enjoying the results of some perfect subtle filters I'd designed(!)

It's generally thought that Sweet Room is applied to ALL inputs... so this is yet another bug that makes me avoid SW like the plague (I think it does work with USB input, but I can't get my USB working with Win11).

There's obviously the complications of SAM presence to contend with, and the number of filters, but I'm certain I experimented WITHOUT SAM and just the one absurd filter.

Please feel free to contradict me... provided you've verified your objection with a crazy obvious filter rather than a feeling!
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