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Windows 11 - No USB Audio output to Expert
I just wanted to ask if anyone is still successfully listening via USB input to a Devialet Expert Pro amp after upgrading to Windows 11.

I was OK with Win10, but now I'm getting output device incompatibility errors from JRiver (v25).

This weekend I will be doing experiments with alternative Media Players and various USB DAC's, but it would be helpful if someone else who uses USB to confirm no issues with Win11.

TECH INFO: I have re-installed the Devialet Driver and cleaned out unused Sound Output devices in Device Manager. Tried WASAPI and ASIO methods. No Windows sounds from PC when set as Default Output device. Devialet USB connection is definitely recognised.
*UPDATE* Problem gone. A lot of things were going wrong with my computer (BIOS not saving; wouldn't stay shut down etc). After a thorough overhaul, including blowing all the dust out, my Devialet USB Audio works again! I can once again experiment with PEQ filters in real-time without Roon. My best guess is that my X570 chipset drivers were to blame.
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I'm still at Windows 7. Tried Windows 10, but couldn't tolerate it so I went back to 7 again.
Might be that Devialet's USB driver isn't compatible with 11? Isn't there native support for UAC2 in Win 11? I have seen discussions on native UAC2 on MS forums. It was optional/possible for W10 so I thought maybe a release in W11...
Your 220 uses an XMOS USB chip set, maybe you can find info on XMOS with Windows 11?
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Mine worked immediately
Difficult to determine might be wrong
If I look at Sound in the Control Panel, it shows USB Expert PRO as the Default Device

JRiver shows USB Expert Pro (WASAPI)

That is JRiver 26, but not much difference
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I normally run my Devialet via Ethernet streaming, but I have used USB recently as this is the preferred connection method when using Focus Fidelity Impala for room measurements.

I have also recently updated to Windows 11. So this morning I tried a quick test. I reconnected the Devialet via USB, it appears as "Devialet USB 1" in Windows System Sound settings.

I don't tend to use JRiver these days, but I have just tried it now for good order, and yes, it works fine. One caveat here, I previously used JRiver 25. Although I transferred this to my current PC, it fails to run at all giving me error messages that I need to install the latest version of JRiver. I am not sure what the issue is here, as I have never actually used JRiver 25 on my current PC. I tried a demo version of JRiver 28 as the only way I could get things working, but this at least worked fine via USB. I also tried Roon and iTunes, these work fine via USB.

As an aside, I regularly use this PC with an RME ADI-2 desktop DAC. This worked fine on Windows 10 and continues to work just the same now I have moved to Windows 11.

So much like chrisc above, all is fine here, but it is difficult to work out what your issue might be.
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If you are still getting blue in the face, why not get a PCI-e USB 3.0 card and try this?
If its a laptop, you can also get an Ethernet to USB adaptor
or, as Confused pointed out, use an ethernet connection instead of USB. This is probably better

I don't normally use USB from a computer. Its a HDD connected to a Lindemann Limetree Bridge which provides a digital signal to the amp. Offers much better sound than USB

I also tried a Audiophellio 2 USB to S/PDIF transport with no appreciable difference (actually no difference whatever)
                                                           Cape Town - South Africa
Listening stuff:  Lumin D2.  Expert 220PRO CI music from 4Tb SSD.  Silver-plated speaker cable to ET LF8bs, B&W DB1 sub, less-loss mains cable
Thanks all so far. My weekend experiments revealed that:
- It isn't Media Player related; All Windows Sound Output is affected the same way
- Other portable DAC's work fine (Dragonfly and DACMagicXS)
- Reverting from Devialet's driver to Microsoft gets me some burbly sound (the kind you'd expect if the event latency was terrible)

I'm surprised some people's USB input works with Win11. I imagined that Devialet would have to produce a new driver based on XMOS Driver v5.24, rather than 1.67. (It's typical for 3rd party manufacturers to name their Driver versions after those of the chipset manufacturer's).

I do use Ethernet by default - I find it more organic than USB - but USB is the easiest way to adjust PEQ filters in real time in JRiver. At the moment I can do that with my 3 month trial of ROON, but I may not continue on with that. (It's very good, but not £100-£400 better).
JRiver v25 (Windows) >> 220Pro/CI >> PMC Twenty5.23 + twin KEF KC62 subs. One White Phantom.

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