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What album are you listening tonight?
(Yesterday, 04:07)Axel Wrote:
(19-Jan-2017, 21:51)Bruno Wrote: Thanks to the good people posting on this thread, I've been listening tonight to :
- Sorceress by Opeth : and it's a nice f***g "prog boogie" ! It could be interesting though to read some comments by Steven Wilson about the choices he made for the production pf thos album.

- Morph The Cat by Donald Fagen which had been going unnoticed to me until it was mentioned here : the follow-up to The Nightfly I was waiting for.

Finally a personal pick : We Insist, The Freedom Suite by Max Roach (it's definitely not easy listening music) which is to political consciousness what A Love Supreme by Coltrane is to spirituality.

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Actually, the follow-up to The Nightfly is Kamakiriad, another great album from DF.

Indeed but in my opinion Kamakiriad isn't by far as good as the Nightfly or Morph The Cat : that's the reason why I made the shortcut and wrote "follow up". No offense taken btw.

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