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KEF LS50 wireless
(30-Dec-2016, 07:42)Rodney Gold Wrote: I had the passive Ls50's ..I doubt the active versions would sound radically different to them.. but if you like chamber music at low volumes and don't want bass to speak of , they are a good choice...If you want all their goodness , you need to pair them with subs
As to actives and DSP actives , been around for yonks and still havent take over the domestic hifi world
Ive had tons of them , yet still went for a passive system.

I like my passive LS50s a lot. With careful positioning and setup their soundstage is excellent. SAM helps a lot with bass, but I'm sure there are many better in that department.

By the way, Rodney, how are you? How are you feeling? Hope you are fine!



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Kef is even using the in-built DSP to optimise cross over and correct for time domain errors. The passive version has the tweeter inverted so I guess this means that the active version has this sorted. Also the dedicated cat5 connection between R and L is good. Probably better than using a standard SPDIF as we see on Devialet monos. Whether bass is on par with a passive+SAM is still open, but it will never compete with Phantom bass.
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