Poll: How do you like the sound quality of your Pro (newly upgraded from expert)
Yes, with caveats
No, with caveats
N/A. I upgraded for reasons other than sound quality.
I did not upgrade and don't plan to
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Poll: Do you like the sound quality of the Expert Pro upgrade?
(23-Dec-2016, 09:49)Chris Marshall Wrote: I'm happy with my 250 pro, my only caveat is that my audio memory is not fantastic and the 250 sounded great before the upgrade as well!

I do think it sounds better at lower volumes though, more punch and clarity.

I know exactly what you mean Chris, for myself I am very glad I was able to do a direct A/B test a while ago, so this helps me clarify my thoughts going forward.  One thing about the punch.  To be honest, when I first did an A/B test I did not notice this, but now I have had a Pro for a while and have listened to a large range of music, every now and again I come across a section of music where the 'punch' is quite startling, and in a good way, very visceral. (and I'm talking about at all volumes here)  More punch and clarity?  I'd have to agree with that!
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I also love the change that my upgrade to 1000 Pro made to the sound of my home system, the extra bass power and the ability to listen at lower volumes without missing anything.

A mate who comes over always said you really need to turn up your system to make it work with the 800 this is no longer the case it sounds sublime at all volumes now and I don't feel the need to turn up the wick.

On the other hand I am now in Spain with my little Ergo IX speakers being driven by a D120 and that also is sounding great and as I am in an apartment here I cannot turn it up loud but it just works. Perhaps there is a little magic in the sound of the D120........
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