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Pro 220 or D400
(29-Dec-2016, 11:04)egg1dog Wrote:
(28-Dec-2016, 20:46)woodstock Wrote:
(19-Dec-2016, 01:11)Dr Tone Wrote: True.  Great time to move to a D400.  It wouldn't help my speakers or small room unfortunately.
Interesting discussion. I'm one of those who has not warmed to the new Pro version. Actually I'm probably the only one who has not. I understand completely why everyone is praising it but thru the Gallo's it lacks the being there in the room with the musicians. The pro line is easier on the ears but has less emotional impact. When I say easy on the ears I am not insinuating that the D250 is hard on the ears, it's just not as laid back as the Pro. The Pro has staging galore, the D250 in my case. has more slam and attack which is what I love about it. For me the only way I'm going to resolve this is to have both and live with them for awhile.

Hi Woodstock,

From what you are describing it sounds like the upgrade for me would be in the totally opposite direction, as previously mentioned i like to be challenged when i listen with plenty of bite and snap in the treble. If the pro is easier on the ears then i have just saved myself an awful lot of money and heartache by sticking with my 400. 
Thank you for posting your thoughts and i hope you get the sound you love back very soon.


I just went from a 200 to a 400. The difference is amazing. Resolution is dramatically better. The extra power really improves the sound quality. I was lucky enough to audition the 220 at my local dealer. I listened to the 200 and 220 side by side. Yes the 220 was better , with more richness and detail. The 400 is just much better than a single 220 in my opinion. It is dead quiet and instruments are easily singled out. The control is so solid compared to a 200. I am very happy with the 400.
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Same experience here, Samsca. Same comparison and same conclusion too.
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If your speakers are easy to drive, e.g. Seldom goes less than 4ohm, going for Pro 220 make more economical sense.

I have the opportunity to evaluate 200 to 400, and down to 200, and then to Pro 220 and finally Pro 440 over the stretch of past few months, with different combinations at durations of 1 to 2 months each.

From 200 to 400, there is better grip in bass and more details and dynamics. My previous speakers are easy to drive, but the music is more in the face (difficult to explain with my limited vocabulary).

From 200 to Pro 220, I feel there are more details and transparency as compared to 400. Dynamics is slightly less, but I feel just right for easy to drive speakers. I think that was the perfect match then.

Since I had 2 x 200 master then, there is an impulse for me to upgrade both to Pro 440 (actually 2 x 220).  Big Grin

From 200 to Pro 440, the upgrade has the gain effects of the combination of 400 and 220 Pro upgrades. To repeat all again, I would have stop at Pro 220 if my speakers are easy to drive.

Hope this helps!
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Great addition. Double mono brings a lot extra and it really does depend on what your speakers demand (and what music you favour; classical music demands more Dynamic bandwith). Considering the cost of upgrade, I think I will have to wait for the next upgrade to go from 400 to double mono 'whatever model comes next'. Hope Devialet uses the same upgrade strategy then as it did with the current upgrade to Pro versions.
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I took the path 200 -> 220 Pro -> 440 Pro.    Absolutely no regrets (despite a significantly lighter wallet ;-)

In truth, before the Pros were announced, I had been giving serious thought to expanding my 200 to a 400.   But then the Pros were then announced which just muddied that decision process asking the same questions this thread has presented.   No right or wrong answers, but no clear path either.

So I decided I really need to compare my 200 to a 220 Pro to see if all the Pro "hype" had any merit.  Back in early October I acquired a 220 Pro for such a comparison.  Sure enough, for me (my ears, my system, my room), the hype was real.   I definitely preferred the 220 Pro.  Lots of descriptions as to what makes the 220 Pro better for many so I won't belabor that.  In addition to the improvement in SQ, there was also the fact that that 200 is now a legacy product unlikely to see any further firmware updates.  Last but not least is the promise of a free new OS/streaming board (whatever/whenever/ifever that is).

But still, having the 220 Pro was not the same as knowing if it was as good as a 400.  And of course, having the 220 Pro was a self-inflicted desire to upgrade to a 440 Pro just as having the 200 was toward a 400.  

So I bled my piggy-bank dry and bought another 220 Pro just before Christmas to form a 440 Pro.  it was a demo unit with a pricetag that I could justify rationalize.  And, wow - what an amazing upgrade!   I do think that the 220 Pro to 440 Pro was a bigger upgrade - or at least further exceeded my expections - than the 200 to 220 Pro jump alone.

And I know that if I had the 400, no matter how much I loved it, I'd still wonder how much better the 440 Pro is.

And no... not even thinking about the 1000 Pro.  Seriously, go away.  I'm done.
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Think many have wondered the same McDonnely. With limited budget though it seldom was a choice between upgrading to Pro AND going double mono. At least for me it was. Glad you were able to hack that though. I for one had to choose between the two upgrade paths.

Even after the months that have passed, I still wonder how the 440 Pro sounds. I heard the 1000 Pro and was really impressed. The performance of that machine is mind boggling good. If the 440 Pro even comes close to that performance, you are a lucky man.
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