Poll: Would you benefit from an updated remote control app for the Devialet Expert
This would significantly improve my enjoyment of the amplifier
This would offer a modest improvement in the enjoyment of my amplifier
This would offer a very small improvement of the enjoyment of my amplifier
This would make zero difference to the enjoyment of my amplifier
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Would you benefit form an updated iPhone / Android Remote App for the Expert range
The one thing every Devialet owner wants is a remote with a display.
They should have released that a long time ago.
And the Pro series should definitely have had one.
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Yes a display would be very nice, but then it need to be connected using bluetooth or wifi to get all data over... maybe also different battery capacity... so complete different design.
I think that the remote app. replicating the physical remote would be a logical upgrade to the app., which hasn't been updated since day 1. So, if you are reading this, Devialet, then please listen to your customers!
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1. Physical remote: New model needed with an OLED display and long battery life to support that display. Plus be able to control all the features as per the current remote.

2. Remote app for iOS/Android: New app needed to simulate all the features of the suggested remote above.

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Why not add a simple e-paper display to the middle of the >D250 remotes. Needs no power in idle only when patterns change on display.
And isn't it possible to just send information if something is moved/pressed on the remote and don't have a permanent conversation of D <-> Remote voiding the battery?
Even a wakeup button like maybe a sligth push on the volume wheel wouldn't bother me if I only could have the display of my D mirrored to the remote.
I would also give them money for that  Wink

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If the SPARK? App for the new streaming module would include Volume Control - yes. Currently I use JRemote with JRMC 22 and mostly I use the Devialet Remote and not the App.
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I guess Devialet has something for the app in plans. Owners of mythical DOS will need an easy way to configure it, browse files etc.
It could be done through web browser, but its not Apple-lik.. sorry not Devialet-like, though.

I am wondering sometimes how is the music streamed from IOS?
While i wish Devialet upgraded IOS app to physical remote's standard, first they need to enable "Background App Refresh" so I can stream music from the app, while doing something else on iPhone.
It is not possible to provide one's own Air driver (similar to OSX or Windows) due to closed nature of IOS. Does Devialet need the app up and running to implement their own Air protocol? Is that why "Background App Refresh" is still not implemented? Would Devialet need to use AirPlay to be able to use the "Background App Refresh"?

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