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Best power cord for Devialet
(31-Dec-2016, 23:07)Pim van Vliet Wrote: That 'magic box' might just have a few cheap components in it. See here:

But that doesn't mean it doesn't work.

I'm sure if you were to add the retail cost of all Devialet components they wouldn't add up to 10 grand either.

I would be more inclined to try a cable like this that 'actively' does something than just some wire with two plugs. That would be after trying a good power conditioner though.

No idea if it works or not, I'd never pay that sort of money to find out. I know it's a controversial subject to some - my comment was just because I find it funny when I read 'good value' for wires, pucks, etc costing thousands. No offence intended, I guess we all have different value thresholds. Vive la difference I guess!

Devialet's aren't cheap, and maybe the components don't cost 10 grand, but I think if you tried to design one yourself from scratch as a one off (or hire someone else to do it) - including all the R&D, design, casing, circuits, DSP code, testing, etc, etc, it would cost significantly more than the retail.

I don't think the same can be said for expensive mains cables personally, except maybe when they come in really intricate and expensive boxes. Big Grin

Anyway, who cares. It's 2017! Happy New Year!!

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(31-Dec-2016, 21:09)deviousalet Wrote: What power cords have you listened to on your Devialet in comparison?

American MIT Oracle power cables

Japanese Harmonix different power cables

Some older cables from Transparent Audio Cable

Japanese Oyaide Tunami GPX
Thanks for that information. I was curious if you'd heard Shunyata or Synergistic.
I think I posted elsewhere that I've been extremely happy with my High Powered (HP) Digital American power cord from Triode Wire Labs (  They are now using the new Furutech IEC termination that fits the Devialet quite nicely.   I've compared these power cords to a few far pricier cables and have to say they are exceptional and at a far more reasonable price point.

I have to acknowledge that the new Audioquest power cords that Devialet is providing with the Pros is a nice step up from the cheap stock PCs they previously provided, but IMHO, the TWL cords are a major step from that.   

If interested, get in touch with them about your setup.
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