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Expert pro temperatures
The units also run hotter in bypass mode.
Synology NAS ->Squeezebox->USB  Regen->1000pro USB
Sony BDP/Roku->HDMI->Marantz 8802A->Pre-out->1000pro Bypass
Google Music/Chromecast Audio->1000pro Optical
Pioneer S1-EX
My 250 pro is still getting hot. With dpm off, sam on and higher volumes (-10db). the a-amp rises over 70 degrees. The room is about 21 degrees. With sam off the temp. falls to 62 degrees. That are 15 degrees more than my D-Premier (no Sam). I think, that's to much for a longer lifetime.
Devialet 250 pro, Linn Akurate Ds1, Linn G-Sneaky No.6, Pro-ject Perspektive Anniversary, Canton Reference 3k, Synology DS213+



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