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Devialet Premium dealers poll.
Interesting posts, and I think it is worthwhile to let others know when a dealer has been good to deal with. It would help a great deal if we knew where these dealers are. Too many signatures don't have any location information, so posts here need to have a City and Country to be useful. After all, 'Red Rock Audio' might be in Colorado or on Mars. Just saying.
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(05-Jan-2017, 19:17)TheMadButcher Wrote:
(05-Jan-2017, 14:00)wwm Wrote: I have no hesitation whatsoever in promoting Hi Fi Lounge. I have found Paul very helpful and enthusiastic about all things hi fi. Paul is incredibly laid back and there is no sales pressure. I have dealt with this business since it's inception and seen it go from strength to strength. I have no personal connection with Paul, I simply buy my equipment from him.
I second that.
Paul is a legend!

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And I am going to add my whole-hearted recommendation for Hifi Lounge, terrific dealer. Being 'overseas' I have never met Paul & Wendy face-to-face, but I get the impression they love what they are doing, and this comes across in the way they deal with you.
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(05-Jan-2017, 21:39)thumb5 Wrote: Another vote for Oxford Audio Consultants from me. Apart from being exceptionally easy people to get along with, and to buy from, I really appreciate the imagination and effort they put in to arrange events. For me that has been the main way I've been able to meet some of the other denizens of the forum face to face, which has been a real pleasure.

If I'm allowed a second bite at the cherry, let me mention John Roberts at Midland Audio Exchange (Belbroughton, Worcestershire). I've known John on and off for twenty years or so - he sold me my first Sonus fabers (Minimas) and more recently my first Devialet (a 170, as it was at the time). A thoroughly decent chap.

Yet another vote for OAC. I was there with them today, actually, exchanging a D120 for a D220. Really easy people to get along with, I was coming all the way from Argentina and they couldn't have been more helpful. Jon also shared a lot of ideas and helpful tips, it was great.

Thanks a million guys!

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I would like to cast my vote in for Spinners Audio here in Vernon, BC. Dieter Theiss owner and audio extraordinaire is similar to what is being expressed about the good folks at OAC and other dealers.  Very relax environment with an exceptional large equipment selection. 

Spinners has assisted me through some tough technical and warranty challenges that another local vendor failed in remedying.  They earned my respect well before I purchased my current system from them.  

The time and effort he and his team put into making sure everything is working perfectly is rarely seen.  Post sales support is second to none.  I believe I understand what others are portraying when they speak so highly of their relationships with their audio vendors.  Spinners has earned their praise honestly.

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