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Question to Devialet regarding Roon and MQA
I have just discovered some more MQA classical albums and undertaken further listening. The problem is that nearly all the classical albums are old - eg 1950s and early 60s Karajan - and whatever their musical merit (and I often listen to historic classical recordings), the SQ of the ones I have listened to so far is not good - thin reedy string tones and boxy stereo.  However, this is almost certainly a reflection of the quality of the original recording rather than the quality of the MQA file.   I am a bit bemused that Tidal launches the MQA  format with such poor recordings in terms of SQ.  the pop and jazz recordings sound wonderful, but as I rarely listen to these genre I cannot say that the MQA version is better than other formats
Not sure this is anything to do with Tidal's choice maybe more a problem with Warner music's choice.
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