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Has anyone compared D400 and the 250 Pro
Has anyone compared the D400 and 250 Pro from the power and SQ perspectives? I have the D400 and the old DP, been in the dilemma for a while, I 'm guessing the D400 will edge in power but not sure how limited I will be in the future if I decided to upgrade speakers with 250 Pro. And the upcoming streaming board is also tempting - that I can go back to the single unit solution which is why I went for Devialet in the first place. Any recommendations or first hand experience would be much appreciated, thanks!
I did not do A/B comparison. By the time I got my first 250Pro, I had sold off the my 200 companion. In terms of SQ, 250 pro wins hands down.
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+1 to sam1000 based on my side-by-side comparison of D250 and 250Pro.
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