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Munich Show 18-21 May
The show runs from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st May though 18th and possibly 19th may be trade days only.

A couple of years ago a DevialetChat group went along and so this note is to ascertain whether there is any interest to do the same thing this year.

Not sure if Devialet are even exhibiting this year and I have not asked them yet, on the assumption that they won't know (or claim they don't know) - I know that Guillaume will be going wearing either both his hats or just his Shunyata one - but if anyone else is interested just post here.

Thank you.
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I'll be going as Ian says. A couple of years ago it was great fun meeting up with other DevialetChat members. 

For those that haven't been before I can't recommend it enough. It's like being a kid in a sweetshop for a couple of days! The networking makes it great fun too.

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