Poll: What's your age?
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What's your age?
36 , naval architect
23, working in a food startup.
57 years young
young in the head, old in the body.
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The trouble with this sort of poll is that after 12 months some of it will probably be wrong!
I was 64 when the poll was launched, now I am 66.
I am still a retired engineer.
I started off in noise and vibration research. Was something of a pioneer in computer aided engineering (finished my first practical and usable computer programme in 1971 and introduced digital data recording and CAD into my industry).
I worked on R&D on record players at Garrard, then went into motor racing, which had been my hobby, for the rest of my working life full time from 1976.

I have been making recordings of both music and data since the mid 60s, though very little any more.

I have never enjoyed evaluating kit though I have a blitz now and then if I fancy a change or get the impression an improvement has been introduced, like ADH. I leave playing with kit to my cameras where I find I am more interested in the kit than the photography whereas the opposite is true for me with music and hifi.
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29 going on 59 ...... errrrrm ...... I might have got that the wrong way around!!
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TRNC (North Cyprus)
36 here...
58 and still Young and crazy
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