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A little help please
After I installed Windows 10, the direct Ethernet input stopped working on my 120 (the old one). It was previously working with Windows 7. 

I've tried DevialetAIR 2.1.3 as well as the latest version 3.0.4.  I've verified that my ethernet cable is working, and that my network card is functional. DevialetAir does recognize the 120, and even shows the real-time volume status (-40 db, etc..) changes as I use the remote. Everything seems to be in order, except that there is no sound. My 120 does work correctly with USB.

During this time, there was no physical movement of the Devialet, the Ethernet cable connection, or the PC. The only thing that changed was upgrading to Windows 10. Figuring that it was a Win 10 issue, I did a clean fresh install of Win 7, expecting that would fix the issue. But what surprised me was the same thing is happening on Win 7 now.

Does anyone have any insight? Does DevialetAir need some type of redistribution package to work correctly? Or is there some other setting that I might have missed?
I’m not a windows expert, I’m exclusively on Macs, but think I’ve read about people having similar issues. Seems related to the virtual sound card and some integrity protection.
I believe they had to change a BIOS setting for the virtual card to be loaded again by Windows 10.

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(25-Nov-2018, 04:32)tacobellbiker Wrote: After I installed Windows 10, the direct Ethernet input stopped working on my 120 (the old one).

Is Roon Core running on W10/7? In that case you could check if Roon/AIR works with your amplifier. Othervice it may be a Windows firewall/defender issue too in addition to Jean-Marie's suggestion
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Hello... could it be this setting in Windows Defender?

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Thanks for the replies guys.

@Tony that setting is configured like in that screenshot. The weird thing is that Air recognizes the device and shows me the accurate current volume. Everything seems to be a go except that there is no sound.

EDIT: FIXED! I connected the ethernet cable to my router instead of my PC as before. Still don't know why it stopped working with direct connect to PC, but running from a router sounds just as good.

What I learned from this experience is that computers are mysterious and the Ethernet input on the Devialet sounds darn good.

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