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Expert Pro losing IP address every few days when using Ethernet connection - This is driving me crazy :-(
Have you tried with some other router?
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Disable wifi, I had the same issue

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I set a static IP and no longer see the problem.
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Durham, NC USA
(08-May-2020, 16:30)markush Wrote: Expert Pro losing IP address every few days when using Ethernet connection - This is driving me crazy :-(

This is caused by a bug in the current FW. Please contact Devialet’s support on this.
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I still have occasional drop outs/scratching sound (as if buffer ran out) when using Roon Air over cabled ethernet.

That is less frequent after having set a fixed IP address for the Devialet and having moved to a Melco S100 with 100 Mbit ethernet ports, downsampling to 96/24 in Roon, but it still occurs sometimes. I am using audio grade short ethernet cables from the Melco to the Devialet so I think the env is pretty optimized.

For me this is by far the #1 issue because it impacts music replay itself.

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(05-May-2020, 20:56)Chrisey22 Wrote: Has anyone had problems with drop outs while playing music? I have a 220 expert pro .
I have drop-outs every every hour or so. AIR stops the connection to my D200 and I have to manually re-select it. After that playback resumes normally until it happens again. Happens more often when I am streaming high res from Tidal, not sure whether the issue is the old Mac I use or Devialet AIR protocol giving up on high-res from time to time. Fortunately little to no crackling.
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Mine usually goes silent when moving from a High-Res to a standard-Res file (but not every time). I have to disable/re-enable the Devialet AIR output to bring it back. (I made an "AutoIt" script to do it more quickly).
I have also started to experience two periods of temporary silence for a few seconds every couple of hours.
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I use AIR also for the audio part of a video. I use 5GHz Wifi instead of Ethernet.

Using Devialet AIR with JRiver Media Center (MC) crashes in the following situation:

Good Case: Playing episode 1 which is part of a series. Using stop before video ended. Start playing episode 2. Everything is fine.
Bad   Case: Playing episode 1 which is part of a series. Using MC capabilities to automacially start episode 2 after episode 1 ended. AIR crashes. One has sometimes to put off the power of my Niagara 1000 to get it rework.

1Gb Ethernet does not work with AIR.
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While I complained that "CI models don't allow wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi to be used concurrently" Devialet finally explained to me that one reason for that it that it is required for Airplay certification so I no longer consider it a bug even though I miss it as a feature. I just blame Apple for this one.

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