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Oh!!! And I thought it’s driving me crazy because I believed also both should work parallel.
What would you suggest to disable? Going Ethernet instead of WiFi?
If you have both connections enabled, try disconnecting the ethernet cable and see whether you think wifi sounds better. If it does, disconnect the ethernet cable and also the input. If you think ethernet sounds better and you aren't using wifi for any other source, disconnect wifi. Basically, if you're only using one network connection on the Devialet, why not just have only that one network connection enabled?

I'm being pragmatic here. I can't see a point to having more connections enabled than I'm using because it results in needing to cycle through inputs I'm not using to get to inputs you are using when I swap inputs. I'm lazy and reducing the number of times I have to press the Input button on the remote makes life an infinitesimally small bit easier. I also have a vague feeling that things sound better with fewer inputs enabled but I won't swear to that. I also think I get a small improvement if the only zone I have enabled in Roon's audio settings is the zone I'm using but I won't swear to that either, though that makes more work for me when I want to listen to the B&W Wedge speaker I use in my bedroom because then I have to disable the Devialet zone and enable the Wedge zone, and reverse that process when listening to the Devialet again. I think disabling the zone I'm not using in Roon makes a bit more improvement in sound quality than disabling unused inputs on the Devialet but both make very small differences if at all. You could put my behaviour down to OCD and I wouldn't deny the possibility that you'd be right about that.
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My only use for having both Ethernet and WiFi simultaneously active was for quicker changes to test sound quality. I used to be able to switch via the app, and now I have to crawl underneath my AV cabinet and dis/connect the cable. That makes A/B comparisons much slower. So I happily trade that feature for AirPlay compatibility.

There was a time when I wanted to use Ethernet but Devialet kept dropping it, so having WiFi as a backup without having to remove the cable was a good workaround, but even better is having a stable Ethernet connection. Let's hope they can keep that working when the next firmware comes out of beta (a beta apparently reintroduced the problem).
Configurator is not saving values selected for DOUT Settings -> Sample rate.
This is for all configurations (normal and dual mono).
I just found the following bug: on a D1000 Pro I am using the Stereo Pre out on the slave. For the speakers I have acivated the tone controls, for the pre out this is disabled. I can now set the bass to -3 db which is working fine. If I switch the amps off (power off my Isotek) and switch them on again the value of my bass tone control is still the same but it is not used. Sound is the same as if tone control is 0db. I have to change the value to activate it again.
I think sending this to Devialet will have the same result as when I sent them the info that the pre out level is not saved...maybe they read here...
one more problem with the Pre-Out on the companion: if I select my video input (Line 1 with pass through) there is no signal on the pre-out. Even if I toggle the status with the remote, no output.
It's the same on 440 Pro.
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Mine sometimes stops playing with a record or streaming just for a second or two , sort of drops out ! My turntable is plugged in obviously and the innuos streamer is plug in
By USB . I would have thought it was a common problem at least someone must have had it ? Any ideas ?
(28-Jul-2020, 22:24)Chrisey22 Wrote: Mine sometimes stops playing with a record or streaming just for a second or two , sort of drops out ! My turntable is plugged in obviously and the innuos streamer is plug in
By USB . I would have thought it was a common problem at least someone must have had it ? Any ideas ?

I had the same exact problem... untill yesterday.
Maybe a coincidence but I disassembled the whole equipment to test different connections to the power socket and since I reconnected everything, the system is playing, until now, without problems, no drop outs or stops.

The only change from the previous to this configuration is in the server now connected to an outlet with a filter.
Seems a bit strange to me...
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Glad to hear you sorted that out , scout , it’s not really a problem as such because it only happens very rarely but obviously the worry is if it gets any worse and if anyone has had that problem.

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