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CI Upgrades in US wrapping up in March
Folks, I just heard that Devialet will be wrapping up their US-based CI upgrades the end of this month (March 2018).   After that, US-based Expert Pros will need to be shipped to France for the upgrade.

So... if you're in the US and have been holding out on the upgrade, you might want to get it done now.   My understanding is that Devialet will certainly continue to support upgrades for US owners after the end of the month, but it will take longer due to being shipped to France.

I heard this today because I have two 220 Pros and was planning to upgrade them one at a time.   I got the shipping label for the first today and fortunately, the Devialet person handling it was kind enough to let me know when I told him I was planning to hold off on upgrading the 2nd one so as to be able to compare them.   That's now not going to happen since I have now initiated the CI upgrade request for the 2nd as well.  While I would have rather had the opportunity to upgrade them separately, the thought of having to ship the 2nd to France - and associated delays - made me rethink it.
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