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Carry case for Phantom
(31-Dec-2015, 02:17)kameraguy Wrote: Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone has the carrying case for Phantom. Does it actually have an official name?

I see in online photos the carry case comes in a dark (black?) color, as well as a caramel looking color. But I haven't seen the officially on sale at the moment.

Any ideas if/when it will be on sale? Pricing?


I have one. It is pricy but does a great job of protecting and it looks great...
I bought one and it's really cool... But I think it has one flaw. The cable does not fit well inside, so I had co carry it apart. Any other owner has any way to keep the yellow cable inside the Cocoon?

Has anyone found a case for transporting Phantom which would not be so extremely expensive like cocoon?

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