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Cartridges and phono settings
Hello. I have a Thorens TD-160 with a Pickering XV15/1200E. I know little to nothing about the technical side of electronics, and I'd really appreciate your advice for configurator settings. Per the NOS spec sheet:

DCF Value = 1200
Stylus Radius = Elliptical .0002 x .0007
Tracking Force = 0.5 - 1.25 g
Nominal frequency response 10 to 30,000 Hz
Nominal Output 4.4 mV
Nominal channel separation 35 dB

Thanks for the help.
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(13-Apr-2019, 09:22)Phillid Wrote:
(26-Feb-2016, 12:29)KraaijCheck Wrote:
(22-Jan-2016, 10:54)no32 Wrote: Anyone has experience the linn kandid with the Devialet. Someone told me it match only linn phono stage ...

No experience with the Kandid. I own the Adikt and find it a good match with the Devialet. Still searching for the best setting. I now have set it to:
Phono Model: -
Cartridge Type: MM
Channels: Stereo
Max Level: 5.5 mVrms
Loading: High Ω 200pF
Auto Wifi Standby: On
Startup curve: RIAA1976
Sampling Rate: 96kHz

Any advise guys?

I am having the same issue with adikit set up. Did you get your settings sorted?

I only changed the Loading to 100pF.

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