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(27-Jun-2018, 18:19)sam1000 Wrote:
(27-Jun-2018, 00:05)Axel Wrote: I bought a 110 Ohm cable from Cabledyne, who make a dedicated Devialet cable. Works like a dream, and saves having to use a transformer.

Thanks Axel. How long is your Cabledyne cable. As I said, Blue Jeans Belden cable which is also 110 ohm worked fine with shorter lengths.  If longer length Cabledyne works, then I might think about buying it since it's got very good feedback here.
It’s only 1.5m long. Cabledyne offer a no risk 40 day satisfaction guarantee, so you could get one and try it, but this might not be convenient if you live outside the U.S.A.
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Thanks Axel. I might give it a try. I live in CA, so it's not inconvenient at all.
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I have excellent results with belden cables
I’m using blue jeans speaker cable. I tried their digital (3feet ) with my 800 and it was fine. The crystal cable sounded better though

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BJC will make you RCA->XLR using Belden 1800F. Which is what I'm using (3feet and now 15 feet). Although I had them re-terminate the 15 feet to XLR on both sides after getting the transformer. CableDyne looks very good for the price with seven 9s OCC silver conductor.
TAD Cr-1; Synology NAS/Roon->Trinnov Altitute-16->220pro ,
Oppo 203 -> Trinnov Altitude-16 ->220pro (Digital In), 
For what it is worth, I tried many different manufacturers and different impedances from 90 to 110Ohm: Crystal Cable Micro and Reference, DH Labs (by the way these guys are the most helpful manufacturer I ever met), Sweetwater, Siltechs. Nothing worked over 3 meters without a transformer. Asked Audio Prana for theirs but they did not want to build a long one.
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