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Concrete & Beryllium speakers powered by Devialet Expert
Hello there,

I am new in the forum but have been in the Devialet eco-system for a while now.
I have got the chance to work for a bit more than 5 years in the company and I want to share my sweet system here :

A pair of 2-way speakers, seald enclosure, powered by the DEVIALET Expert 200.
It is the result of an inside "weekends and nights" project driven by a team of friends working in accoustic, mechanical and design from the beginning of Devialet's story. One of the best features is having a dedicated SAM profile for them.

Drivers are SCANSPEAK Illuminator with Beyllium tweeters and also SCANSPEAK Illuminator midwoofers.
I have been enjoying this setup for about 5 years now Heart

What do you think of it ?

I hope pictures will load here. Let me know if you cannot see them.



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Concrete & Beryllium speakers powered by Devialet Expert - by Nickname - 08-May-2022, 23:49

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