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Devialet predictions for 2019 (The 2019 Devialet Almanac)
(02-Jan-2019, 08:37)whatmore Wrote: Are these predictions or a wish list ?

It's supposed to be predictions but it's probably more a wish list  Huh
                                                    Lifetime Roon, Mac mini, int. SSD, ext. HDD, tv as monitor, key board and track pad on bean bag as remote,Devialet 200, Od'A #097, Blue jeans speaker cable,                                     
                                                                                                                                                                            Dynaudio C1 MkII.
                                                                                                                                                                              Jim Smith's GBS.
                                                                                                                                                                        Northern NSW Australia.
- RAAT for all current Phantoms, Premier (white, silver, and gold) and Reactor (600 and 900).
- RAAT for Dialog.
(02-Jan-2019, 13:10)streamy Wrote: - RAAT for all current Phantoms, Premier (white, silver, and gold) and Reactor (600 and 900).
- RAAT for Dialog.
Would be nice if that prediction is true for JANUARY, or even Q1, not 2019 as a whole.
So I predict (or wish ?)

1/ Roon RAAT for CI integrated experts
2/ Stereo for Phantom reactors
3/ Devialet will expose a set of API to interact with experts and configurator would be integrated in a new remote app or in "partners" app like roon
4/ New CEO will create a new DaaS (Devialet as a Service) team to work on Devialet integration like with Sky and Free
Roon ROCK - Etalon Isolator - 220 Pro - Penaudio Sara S
Crystal Cable Reference Speaker - Audioquest Vodka Ethernet - Crystal Cable Micro Power
Paris - France
What would be useful:
1. New remote App
2. New remote with display (feedback)
Devialet 220Pro/CI, B&W 802 D3, Linn Klimax DS/Katalyst, Burmester 089 CD, Melco N1ZS/2A + D100, Cable Audioquest (NRG-10,Diamond,K2,Yukon,Coffee etc.), iPad-Pro, KECES P8 Dual, Qobuz Studio, AQVOX-SE Switch
IsoTek: 2 x EVO3 Genesis One, EVO3 Titan One, EVO3 Syncro 
Roon: Rock, Intel Nuc7i7bnh,RAM 16GB, Roon Lifetime                                                                                                                
Germany / Bavaria
No idea about Phantom, but for Expert Pro CI...

1. Wireless configurator (no SD card)
2. New app that works
3. Room correction by convolution settings in configurator
220 PRO CI (12.2.6) - B&W 683 S2 - Audioquest Niagara 1000 - Chromecast + iFi SPDIF 
Technics 1210 (AudioMods arm, AT-150MLX, Mike New bearing + platter, crystal mat, Isonoe feet, external DC PSU) Stockholm, Sweden

To stimulate turnover:

1. Car hifi. Perhaps deals with car-manufacturers.

2. Connecting Expert with Phantom and so creating a surround solution.

3. Devialet amplifiers into speakers-(manufacturers)
Power conditioning: Kemp (Isolator- & Powersource (2x)), Kemp QA/ SNS plugs (6x), Van den Hul Mainstream cable 52m, Sound1: 20A-230V group front, Sound 2: 20A-230V side/rear, Picture: 16A-230V, 
Source 1: Clearaudio (Synchro+Champion2+TT3 tangential+CM Bearing+Outer Limit+StradivariV2) connected in a balanced way on Devialet220 PRO CI, 530uV, 480 ohms
Source 2: Vodafone-Ziggo 1080i via Oppo 105D (Darbee 45%)
Source 3: Asus i7 16GbRAM W10-1809, Roon,Tidal, Spotify, Seagate 5TB HDD(2x), Audacity (=1350 recorded LP's 24/192), dBPoweramp
Cables: VandenHul&Kemp&Kimber, shielding, WBT nextgen, AQ Ethernet (3x), Live Cable USB, AQ jitterbug (7x)
Speakers: QuadESL2812 on  Heart 220PRO CI with Rel Stentor2 (14Hz -6 dB) and Rel Studio1 (9Hz - 6 dB) connected passive <32 HZ/12db/oct
Headphones: Devialet 220PRO CI on WooWee converter + StaxSR507(2x). Mobile: Sams Note9 1024GB & Oppo HA2+PM3 + AQ cables
Side and rearspeakers Kef Reference DM1&2 on Quad 707 (2x) with Rel Studio1
Picture: BenQW2000 (Calibrated), Projecta Electrol 300x173 (122 Inch), LG Oled 4K

(01-Jan-2019, 21:08)Pim Wrote:
(01-Jan-2019, 20:58)Mka Wrote: Sad but I would predict that the expert series is end of life and will not be replaced.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. The CI board should keep us busy with upgrades for years.

But I didn’tmean This is limited to the non pro experts. Confused
Bricasti M1 SE DAC -> Pass labs XP30 & XP25 phono -> Bryston B28sst2 -> Sonus Faber Amati Futura  -> JRiver MC 21 -> Synology NAS / Quboz  - Denon DP 7000 SME 5012
D1000pro -> Magico V2 -> Fanless NUC i5 (Broadwell) -> Jriver MC 21/ Bauer DPS3i / Lyra Kleos
(02-Jan-2019, 17:13)K4680 Wrote: What would be useful:
1. New remote App
2. New remote with display (feedback)

To add to your list...

Would love to see #2 come to fruition. It’s a shame to have this lovely remote but have to use the iPhone app because it shows the volume level. To have this on the physical remote should be doable.

Native iPad remote app instead of one made for the iPhone. Larger screen would facilitate more direct input options and a overall better interface. 

3rd, the configuration could use a revamping. It’s awkward once in th configuration to get back to and save directly to your saved configurations.
- I predict a change in CEO. Current CEO will step down, no explanations given.

- The announcement of a new Expert "Core Team". No explanation given why previous Expert "Core Team" didn't do anything in over a year.

- new Phantom. A bit more square looking. No support for it whatsoever.

- a very large update hinted by the end of year, with no information if it will be about Expert, Phantom or entirely new line. There will be no more mentions about these hints in the future.
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