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Devialet predictions for 2019 (The 2019 Devialet Almanac)
Yes, I predict 2019 will be a déjà vu year for Devialet.

I forgot another prediction, so my list is:

- I predict a change in CEO. Current CEO will step down, no explanations given.

- The announcement of a new Expert "Core Team". No explanation given why previous Expert "Core Team" didn't do anything in over a year.

- new Phantom. A bit more square looking. No support for it whatsoever.

- a very large update hinted by the end of year, with no information if it will be about Expert, Phantom or entirely new line. There will be no more mentions about these hints in the future.

- there will be problems in development of Roon RAAT. There will be hints of imminent release, but release will be postponed every several months.
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