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Devialet will not ship Legs
I wanted to order a pair of Legs for the pair of Reactor 900's I purchased from an authorized Devialet dealer in my province. I'm in Ontario, Canada. Devialet advised they could not ship the Legs to me because they do not have an import license for the Legs with Ontario, Canada. I've never encountered this type of shipping issue before for a pair of speaker stands. I can order the Reactors from Devialet, but not the stands that go with them. Devialet advised I should have them shipped to another province via a friend or family member, and have them ship them to my location. I asked if they could arrange purchase and delivery via an authorized Ontario dealer, and still, no luck. 

Hate to say this, but this is the worst customer service I've encountered in some time. I've dealt with Devialet on an another issue, and they have been fabulous. But to leave a customer hanging, and not offer a better solution, isn't acceptable in my books. 

I may be able to order the Legs via via a third party. Am confirming. If anyone has other solutions, please let me know. Cheers and thanks.

From Devialet:

"I apologize for this inconvenience. Devialet doesn't have an import certificate of the legs in Ontario. Also, I'm afraid that it seems like we don't have any dealers in Canada. Is there any friend living in a different state? Please try to use the different states for the shipping address. And see if they can send the legs to other states.

Thank you for your understanding."

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Could be due to this:

They don't have any dealer/distributor in Canada any more so Devialet cannot officially ship without incurring export duties/taxes on each individual shipment/item.

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