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Dual Velodyne DD+ subwoofers
Many thanks for the replys!

I've done one test with mono setup, linking the subwoofers via Daisy-chain.
I set the subwoofers at 100 Hz lowpass and the speakers at 100 Hz highpass.

What I will do next is (as you recommend) trying a stereosetup. My subs are placed just as yours Delija. 
I will both try the 100 Hz lowpass/highpass as well as 80 Hz lowpass/highpass, and might even try overlapping
setting the speakers at 80 Hz and the subwoofer at 100 Hz.
Hoping I still will be able to benefit from the Daisy-chain in stereo as its very convenient to operate 
both subwoofers at the same time.

And Delija, very nice room and setup!
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