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Expert 200: Is this damage only cosmetic? Fixable?
Just purchased a used Expert 200, it arrived seemingly well packed in its original case and double box but appears to have taken some damage. 

On the bottom, I see one of the two plastic windows pushed in and touching the circuit board (attached too): 

I was initially hesitant to plug it in but did so last night and it seems to at least boot up fine. I wanted to check with anybody else who's seen this kind of thing before if it's likely to be only cosmetic damage or something I'll risk damaging my speakers with? 

Any suggestions on how to repair or fix this before filing an insurance claim? Can't seem to get any purchase on the plastic part so would I need to open the unit up and access it from the other side?


It’s a broken plastic window - dust cover. You don’t need it. It’s possible to change it if you want. Open the bottom torx srews and change it by new clip.

Regards Dirk

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