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Expert settings for Hana SL Cartridge
(11-Oct-2021, 17:00)CongoFather Wrote:
(22-Jan-2021, 13:33)btcook007 Wrote: Very well, thank you.  It sounds fantastic and got rid of background noise I had under the previous settings. Thanks again!

How does it sound with Hana SL? Did you experience hiss with ur latest settings?  I am going to buy either Hana SH or Hana SL to use with Rega Planar 8. If it is not really necessary to buy Hana SH for Devialet(due to hiss issue), I'd rather buy Hana SL. Therefore, my first choice is Hana SL.

It sounds great with my latest settings.  I think the Devialet phono preamp is excellent and has a very low noise floor when properly calibrated.

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