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The current EQ (aka Sweet Room) is enough!
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Having a competitive room correction like Dirac will improve my motivation and engagement
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It is just a nice to have feature, nothing more. I am not really interested in with any of Digital Room Correction, I prefer another feature
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Feature Request: Proper Room Correction for Devialet
Hello, I talked with Dirac support and they have told me that if Devialet wants to introduce Dirac processor to the Expert line they are happy to support. I would like to collect some audience here. I am really happy with Dirac and I want to see it as a part of Expert's Core Infinity.

I will say, this kind of development will definitely motivate me to keep my Expert with me and upgrade it in the future.

I want to hear from you, what do you think? Will you consider Dirac Processor as a key feature and will it increase your engagement with Devialet?

The competitors like NAD, ARCAM, EMOTIVA are already supporting this feature, is the DSPs are really becoming a standard of the new integrated amps?
A very good idea. Depends on how difficult to integrate with the circuit
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I would like Sweet Room or similar for Phantoms. Dirac too of course. For Expert amplifiers I believe a major re-design will be necessary to achieve either Dirac or ordinary convolution. The processing needs to be moved to the CI board (signal path is mostly unchanged from pre CI board in Pro amps. Does not have room for convolution). As I use Audiolense I would prefer convolution (as in Roon), but Dirac is very user friendly and also good - so both please Smile
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I can not understand why anyone expects that just modifying the output of an amplifier (expert) or speaker (phantom) really corrects the room. In my opinion there is no proper room correction past room design and acoustic treatment (at low frequencies there is a positive effect but only if all the physical parameters are optimized). Yes Dirac etc. changes the sound it can be an improvement or mostly not but calling it room correction is misleading.
The concept itself is called as Digital Room Correction: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_room_correction

For the screens the equivalent of the same technology is called calibration but the concept is exactly the same as you jusr adjust the color and white balance of the screen based on your environment.

In both concepts the most important thing is you can go and try to control the environment but your money and ideally practical life could be a blocker in front of that solution and this is where the new technologies comes into the place.

I am using physical room treatment but the building have some unrecoverable issues caused by desing and I don’t want to lose practical usage of my room for sake of sound. (It will decrease the time I spend in the room and music will be more isolated from my daily life) I am using a screen calibration tool to set the ultimate picture quality in the room and I do the same with Dirac to the sound I have. At the end the result is phenomenal good. Almost all the bass problems, time domain issues (glass vs concrete speed differences etc) are gone thanks to technology.

All I say is the world is changing and the life is improving with the help of the technology. There is no perfect room because all the albums we listen are recorded in different conditions and rooms but whatever helps us to decrease the room coloration on top of it I am very happy to do that and I totally understand the one that is against to it too. At the end without a matter of the name DRCs are improving my joy and that’s why I want them part of my experience. (If you have the chance you should try DIRAC in a car too, you will see how a DSP can really matter and where the technology reached)

All in all, it is just a feature and that’s why I opened this thread. I see a clear path to have it part of my life and as a Devialet customer I know sooner or later it might cause me to leave Devialet products if the support is not coming.
Completely agree. No way I’m designing my front around my speakers - they’ve got to work around me! Wink

I really wanted to buy a Lyngdorf with RC but decided on a D-Premier as I’d as I’d always lusted after one.

I may plug a Dspeaker antimode into it one day - but if Devialet added room correction it would be end game.
Using an Expert 220 togehter with Roon und Acourate room correction - and it is brilliant! A - must have - IMHO.
Roon really allows a huge filter as it has the power of the computer where it is installed on. So there is a correction in phase and time if the acourate software is used. This really makes the difference compared to a frequency response currection only. Once the data is ready, only the file needs to be added to the roon software.
As described, this is for streaming audio only, not e.g. for the Phono input.
If Devialet would allow something similar, even with a filter with less tabs, this would be great to have.

Once in my Hifi-history, I owned a Lyngdorf processor pre-amp. Problem was the bad sound at pass-through, so remember that Devialet is a much better amplifier and would improve even more if it would be able to adjust the failures of your speaker position and room reflection.
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