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Focus Fidelity Filter Designer
Great to hear! Seems even with a quick approach Focus Fidelity Designer is able to provide a considerable improvement.
(09-Jan-2022, 18:44)RayMo Wrote: First tests done Smile Even though I don't understand all the settings yet, I got quite good results already. Now listening track by track with a smile in my face. More clear articulation, better soundstage, more easy to listen to. I must have got some frequencies played too loud because of my room response. Setting and testing the target curve again is a fast process -at least compared to Sweet Room. (I am using Roon in a nuc.)

I did the room measurement with the laptop (easy to carry to a different room), and did the filter design in my daw workstation. First, I installed the Impala too old/cheap laptop. Impala installed ok, but did not start at all - no error messages were shown. With the quick help of Focus Fidelity, the reason was found. My laptop's cpu was missing AVX instruction set. So, I needed to use better laptop. After that, everything went smoothly Smile

The AVX instruction set issue has caught a few people out running really old PCs (2nd generation intel core or older) or low power ones such as Celeron N4200 etc. All the software manuals have been updated to include this in the troubleshooting section.

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