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For Sale: Two Phantom Golds + Dialog + Remote
I'm selling my dual Phantom Gold setup, including the Dialog and the Remote.  I love how they sound, but I dislike Spark and there are a couple of "features" which make this system inappropriate for my particular application.  (The slight delay, and the way the volume resets whenever you turn off the source.)

Phantoms are about 10 months old, so a good year and change left on the warranty.  Everything is in pristine, like-new condition.  I've even got all the original boxes, including the shipping boxes, so it'll come to you packed the same as from the factory.

Total retail value is $6458 + tax.  Used Phantom Golds seem to be selling on eBay for about 80% of retail, so I'll go slightly lower at $4999 for the whole setup.  Shipping cost and any method-of-payment fees (e.g. paypal) are the buyer's responsibility.  If you're in New York City you're absolutely welcome to come take a listen.  Pay cash, and I'll knock another 10% off the price.

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available still?
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Yes - they are still available.

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