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Integration rs232
Any tips on an easy way to control a D440 volume control via RS232? I am considering getting a Theta Casablanca IV as front-end to the D440 to do room correction and integrate a subwoofer array into the system. The Theta has a fixed digital output and variable analog output (for the subwoofers) and I would like to sync the volume control in the Theta and have it control the D440 via RS232. I think Crestron can do this but anything simpler that anyone is aware of?
D440CI (Audio Prana XLR-RCA); Nordost Frey; Raidho C1.2; Artcoustic Impact-1 SL subs (4); VPI Scout; Oppo BDP-205; Roon Nucleus+; Shunyata Alpha and PC10 cabling; Stillpoint Ultra SS
(17-Jul-2014, 18:28)Georgethesixth Wrote: For those of you who want to integrate between Devialet and a domotica system : Devialet has a document that describes the commands.

Thierry send me a link after a support question :

I don't know if this is the latest version

Hi, i am very interested in the Control4 driver. I have a D220 and a C4 Controller, I can manage the power and inputs, but I don't have the volume feedback.

If you can send you driver in PM, it will be very nice.


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