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La rentrée approche !
(06-Sep-2019, 12:47)Pim Wrote:
(06-Sep-2019, 11:35)ada Wrote: For example with the latest updates, we lost the capability of using WIFI with Ethernet. I was using WIFI for the remote control while streaming via ethernet. 

My remote app works whether I stream via Ethernet, WIFI, USB or anything else. As long as the Devialet is connected to the network my phone is on, I've never had a problem getting that to work. 

You might have a problem in your configuration if it doesn't work for you. Re-do the config from scratch and see if that fixes it.
Roon (lifetime) using qobuz with Devialet Air (I don’t like the sound of RAAT), Intel nuc, Synology NAS. Denon DP-80 turntable in bespoke CLD plinth, Audiomods Micrometer Series 6 (carbon fibre) arm with continuous silver wiring loom, Hana ML moving coil cartridge, Longdog Audio MCJ3 Phono stage. Both into Devialet 250 Pro C/I. World Audio Design (DIY) KLS3 MkIII speakers with upgraded crossover and SEAS T25CF002 Millennium tweeters. Ethernet streaming. Interconnects are home made with IPL Acoustics IC2 cable. Speaker cable is Blue Jeans (Belden 5000) 10 gauge 5T00UP.

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