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La rentrée approche !
(06-Sep-2019, 12:47)Pim Wrote:
(06-Sep-2019, 11:35)ada Wrote: For example with the latest updates, we lost the capability of using WIFI with Ethernet. I was using WIFI for the remote control while streaming via ethernet. 

My remote app works whether I stream via Ethernet, WIFI, USB or anything else. As long as the Devialet is connected to the network my phone is on, I've never had a problem getting that to work. 

You might have a problem in your configuration if it doesn't work for you. Re-do the config from scratch and see if that fixes it.

Maybe it is my English that I couldn't explain it very clearly. Before the CI, it was possible to use the WiFi and Ethernet interfaces at the same time. If you are curious why, I can explain, I have a closed network for my streaming setup. There are several disks + a dedicated custom computer + Devialet Ethernet interface in one network that doesn't go to my router because of several reasons, like don't put a cheap router in the middle and don't deal with cable spaghetti etc. If you set your network like this that almost ancient remote app won't work because your devialet will be without internet. In the past it was possible to enable the WiFi while the ethernet cable is connected and you were being able to use the app via that WiFi network.

Anyway, that's not a show stopper for me as the app is almost useless other than volume control. That's the second part of my complains because the basic things like pre-out management, enabling ICM etc is not possible via the app. I need to find the physical remote and stand to see the screen every time to change these settings. That's a shame because these could be done with simple extra API calls and small buttons in the UI of the app but there is no update on that approach for longer than 3 years. All in all, these are nice to have things for me, I wouldn't leave my Devialet just for these nice to have things, because I am so happy with the sound and I paid for the sound.

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