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Life of a streaming “PC”
All of these streamers (SOtM sms, nuc, Roon nucleus, etc.) are basically stripped down pc with upgraded audio grade connections, right? On a top of the line pc you buy at your local Best Buy, the cpu, video card, hdd, memory card etc are obsolete and out of the recommended specs within a few years tops.

What makes these “Audio PC’s” different, or are they?

What prompted this question is I saw a used antipodes dx on audiogon for 1/2 of the original price, but it appears to be an earlier gen model. I can’t tell if its gen 1 or 2, but my point I’m trying to make is that a normal pc would be worth maybe 10-20% tops of the original value.

So what is the “normal” expected value to lifespan of a music streamer?

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