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List Your Speakers and Devialet Model Here
Expert Pro 1000
PSB Imagine T3
Devialet 1000 Pro CI - AQ Diamond AES RCA-XLR Link
PC - ifi iDefender - AQ Diamond USB - Uptone ISO Regen + LPS 1.2 - Singxer SU-6 - AQ Diamond AES
PSB Imagine T3  AQ William Tell Zero /  AQ Hurricane - PliXir Balanced AC  /  ifi AC iPurifiers
Original D’ateliers 1000 mono blocks powering top of the range Magico speakers

Then I woke up

Early D-Premier super shiny finish, powering Bastanis Wildhorn speakers

Could be worse Wink
(26-Mar-2021, 08:59)Jamington2004 Wrote: Original D’ateliers 1000 mono blocks powering top of the range Magico speakers

Then I woke up

Someone has to own them. Where are those people? I've seen photo of a 1000 Pro driving top spec Raidho's once. That's 300 grand worth of speakers.
                                                    Lifetime Roon, Mac mini, int. SSD, ext. HDD, tv as monitor, key board and track pad on bean bag as remote,Devialet 200, Od'A #097, Blue jeans speaker cable,                                     
                                                                                                                                                                            Dynaudio C1 MkII.
                                                                                                                                                                              Jim Smith's GBS.
                                                                                                                                                                        Northern NSW Australia.
I'm new here! Have a D200 and used with Focal Utopia Micro BE for several years, then shifted to Magico S1. Higher resolution, great bass but the little warmth disappeared.
I moved from an Goldenear Triton 2+ to Vivid Audio K1 speakers using an Devialet Expert 220 Pro.

Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
Expert 120 and Focal Aria 936 with SAM.
The couple sounds very delicate and never aggressive, warm and detailed, I could listen to it for hours...
D440pro CI with TAD CE-1 and B&W PV1D - „works“ for me...

atb, Tom
Devialet 440pro CI - TAD CE-1 - B&W PV1D
AudioValve Solaris - Stax SR-009 - AudioTechnica ADX5000
AudioSpecials PhonoLab 1.0
Bauer Audio DPS3 iT/v.d.H Colibri XGP LW
Micro Seiki DDX1500: FR64s/Classic GME MKII + TA-1/Grado Master 3
Roon ROCK + Lifetime/Qobuz - Germany
Original d'Atelier with Core Infinity + Boenicke W13 SE+
Now Devialet 250 without Upgrade, Canton Reference 1 K

Next Year in January, I will get a second one - then it will be the 800 combi
and then, immediately update to 1000.
See my signature.
Devialet Expert 250 Pro CI
Transparent MusicWave Ultra Gen 5 speaker cables | MartinLogan Expression ESL 13A | Roon + Qobuz | Intel NUC running ROCK (fanless) with Teddy Pardo power supply.

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