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List Your Speakers and Devialet Model Here
Here's a fun one, in my second (study/home office) system.


Perhaps amongst the least exalted speakers ever connected to an Expert, and at 48 years, certainly amongst the oldest. They became mine for the princely sum of £100, used, in 1992. Original drivers and cabinets, but modern crossovers as original capacitors are by now wildly out-of-spec.

D-Premier + Celestion Ditton 44 + REL Storm I

Previous amp was a Quad 77 which is a solid, musical, class AB design from the 1990s.

My expectation was the speakers would be opaque to the far superior amp and the whole setup would sound much the same.

Entirely wrong!! There is a massive improvement and the speakers truly come alive with the ADH; there is much more bass (but 60Hz + only, hence the subwoofer) and actual clarity in the midrange! They even do a little - just a little - imaging now. Box resonances aplenty, and woolliness everywhere, but still a delight to listen to, even if it's obviously "hi-fi" and not "reality".

For that the big system in the next room awaits...
1000 Pro / Magico A5 / REL Studio III
Devialet Expert Pro 210
Capriccio Continuo Admonitor 311
Devialet Expert Pro 220 CI
TAD ME1 including stands
GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+ (power conditioner)
Triode Wire Labs; High Power Version; Digital American (Power cable)
Siltech 380L (speaker cable)
Roon ROCK (Intel NUC817BEH)
LAN cables: Audioquest Diamond & Carbon
(05-Jan-2021, 07:14)Marietto Wrote:
(15-May-2018, 06:19)Marietto Wrote: Devialet D200 Expert
Avalon Avatar

Devialet D220 Pro Ci 
EgglestonWorks Fontaine 2 
2 x Bk 200Xls ff Mk2

to alternate I have added a pair of rare PMC LB1 Signature
Clearaudio Solution Cmb - Clearaudio Syncro Power - Achromat - The Wand Plus II - AT Oc9 III - Nuc Cirrus7  Roon Rock - Cisco sg200-08 - D220 Expert Pro Ci - PMC LB1 Signature with SAM - Egglestonworks Fontaine II - 2x BK 200Xls ff Mk2 - Meicord Eth - Siltech New York - Audioquest Nrg Z3 - HAF Drc

Marietto - Italia
Hi together,
here is my primary setup:

Amp: Devialet Expert Pro 440 Dual Mono CI
Speakers: Dynaudio Heritage Special
Stands: Dynaudio Stand 20 with Skylan SKY Premium Fill and Isotek GAIA III Feeds
Speakercable: Dynaudio Ocos Triple
Roon Core: Audiosaul PrimeMini4 (i5
Software: Roon Lifetime Licence and Tidal Hifi+ Account

Regards Andreas
Regards Andreas

Equipment: Devialet Expert 440 Pro CI, Dynaudio Heritage Special
Great setup!
Devialet Expert 440 Pro | Dynaudio Confidence 50 | 2x SVS SB16-Ultra
Anthem MRX 720 | Dynaudio Excite X28 | Dynaudio Emit M20

Expert Pro220
Triangle Magellan Cello
Upgrade!  Wink

Devialet Expert Pro 210

Anthony Gallo Nucleus Reference 3.5
Mine is a simple one

Expert Pro 440
Piega Coax 711
Emerson Digital as a streamer

Pimped with Isotek Titan

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