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New Site Features
For your amusement and delight, I've added a few features to this site.

Firstly you may have noticed the 'Alerts'  item near the top when you're logged in to the forum. This gives notifications for things such as when someone replies to a thread you started, or replied quoting a post you made. The full list of alerts types is listed in User CP under 'Alert Settings' where you can turn off/on specific alert types (they're all on by default).

Secondly there's a 'Mention' feature where you can mention another user by quoting their username with an @ symbol in front. If your username is mentioned by someone else then you should see an alert.  As soon as you type @, a selection box should pop up where you can start typing a username and you'll be presented with the choices. Initially with an empty selection you should get (I think) a list of users who have already contributed to the particular thread, if any.
In addition there's also a 'Mention' button at the bottom of each post which will automatically insert a mention of that post's username in any reply you make.
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