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Not really any news but so long...
.....when we had our D440, recently sold to Sandeep, sam1000, this site was the most helpful one could hope to find.
On our way to other musical adventures but just wanted to offer our expression of thanks to all.
I wonder what replace your Devialet

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(15-May-2019, 05:58)no32 Wrote: I wonder what replace your Devialet

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He detailed that here:

Enjoy your new system Wdw and of course you’re always welcome to still visit here. And otherwise I’ve seen you active on other forums as well so see you there!
PS Audio P3, Shunyata ΞTRON Alpha Digital and HC/Furutech power cables, Paul Hynes SR7EHD-MR4, DIY Roon Server & Roon Endpoint running AudioLinux Headless, Phasure Lush^2 USB cable, Audioquest Diamond RJ/E ethernet, Mutec MC-3+ USB, Shunyata ΞTRON Anaconda Digital XLR AES/EBU, Devialet Expert 250 Pro CI, Nordost Tyr Reference LS cables, Von Schweikert VR-5 SE Anniversary Edition, Anti-Mode Dual Core 2.0, JL Audio Fathom F112. More detail here.

The Netherlands

Wdw/Warren is a real asset to our forum and I have personally benefitted from his posts on IsoAcoustics and other products. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I hope you keep visiting the site and keep sharing the info.
We did face a few challenges from PayPal while we were trying complete the transactions. It's another saga, but I have decided to limit my exposure to PayPal from now on. Warren was incredibly helpful in navigating the mess that was created by third party, but in the end it all sorted out. I would definitely circumvent using third party for payment if I'm dealing with Warren again (which I did for this transaction).
TAD Cr-1; Synology NAS/Roon->1000pro (AIR) ,
Oppo 203->HDMI->Marantz 8802A->Pre-out->1000pro (Bypass), 
Shunyata Denali 6000T
I'll also add here that your posts and contributions have been very helpful to me and that I've learned a lot from your experiences and sharing, even it it did occasionally send me off to the shop to come home with some new item. Loved your system, and appreciated your ears and observations.

Take a well-deserved reputation boost; we're all out of gold watches.
W4S modified Sonos Connect & VPI HW19 mkIII into a D220 Pro CI, capably carried by Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable, and thence made expansive by Lawrence Audio Violin SE speakers, and juiced by power cords and coax cables from Nordost in decorator colors. It gets friendly with power through a Shunyata Denali 2000T.
Vancouver, Canada

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