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Phantom Bluetooth connection problems
Hi everyone 
I am from Taiwan
I own a Phantom gold
and this situation hapoened many times
Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

The video is in Chinese, bellow is English explanation
1. After back to our place, we found after connect to phantom , the is no sound
2. Without Bluetooth, we can play music Via phone
3. Forget phantom Bluetooth device in Bluetooth setting, and try to connect phantom again, the phantom device is found in Bluetooth setting
4. Unplug power cord for 30 Seconds then plug again, everything is back to normal
5. We found the back of speaker is hot, not warm when this happend 
6. The firmware version is
This happened many times 
Even we exchanged a phantom from dealer

Anyone know what happened? And how to fix this issue?
Thanks Smile
I would guess a bad Bluetooth implementation by Devialet. Can you use Spotify Connect instead?
Living room: 2x Gold Phantom, Remote.
Den: Kii Three with Control.
Please contact Devialet support. They are usually responsive and helpful.
Write them, they could provide you with for Bluetooth fix.
But overall it’s a mess.

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