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Phantom Gold doesn't recognize Toslink cable?
Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone experience this....I use my PC has my HTPC (Plex, Roon, etc) directly connected to my Phantom Gold's via Toslink cable. I decided to upgrade the PC with a new EVGA NU Sound Card to improve the sound quality(it sounds amazing so far) from my standard PC sound card...since then after a few seconds of no sound the Gold's lose the connection and think there's no Toslink cable connected to them (this never happened before with the old motherboard sound card)...if I try to Select/Play in the App it just says there's no cable connected...the only way to fix this is to reboot the speakers or if I use Roon it seems it comes back to live, but if I play a Plex movie or something, no sound.... it's pretty obvious this is related to the new sound card, but just wondering if anyone had to deal with this similar situation with any different gear and what might be the solution...? Drivers (Asio vs Wasapi)? White noise? Any help would much appreciated.... cheers.

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