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Pnatom's DAC
(31-May-2021, 10:04)ogs Thank you very much Wrote:
(31-May-2021, 02:23)Sonu Wrote:
(31-May-2021, 02:16)Sonu Wrote: Thank you very much for the reply, i am planning to buy another Phantom to play stereo sound , so what is the minimum distance we keep them apart for best results?

Depends on how far away you sit from the speakers (or where you normally listen to music) Less than 1.5 meters may be too close, but the most important would be a symmetrical placement in the room. They say that a equal sided triangle is a good setup, i.e. 2 meters between speakers equals 2 meters from a speaker to your ear. I tend to end up with less between speakers than listening distance. Presently 1.9 meters between speakers (middle of front) and a little under 3 meters from speakers.
Bass is most influenced by room interaction so symmetrical means approaching same distance from walls and also the same (identical) distance from a listening position to each speaker.
Every room is different so moving speakers around will be helpful in determining a good position. If you do not get a result you like you need to educate yourself.  You'll find books and videos that talk about the room/speaker problem. Good luck!

Thank you very much
actually I have done this. I have using Schiit gungnir and Gustard R26's analog output connected to Phantom II 95db, as far as I know Phantom I does not have a analog inout way (but if someone can share how to do it that would be very appreciate).

By using independent DACs, the phantom II took the sound to new heights of clarity, separation, and reduced the digital feel of the sound. I can no longer listen to music via airplay anymore lol. The difference between the two is huge, anyone can tell the difference.

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