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Question for Devialet obsessives
(11-Apr-2018, 17:35)Confused Wrote: 2, 13, 4, 7, 11, 7, 0, 0 = 44 (awards)

According to the Temple of Truth, they have 76

Fake news!

I used Wiki though added the numbers wrong by one!

76 is trombones as far as I know.
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(11-Apr-2018, 18:32)IanG Wrote: [quote pid='74185' dateline='1523464503']
I used Wiki though added the numbers wrong by one!
76 is trombones as far as I know.


Your showing your hit parade age!
My guess is that Devialet is due for an updated review at Stereophile considering how consistently they have been advertising there, but I think they are probably waiting until they have a perfectly stable CI based solution with a critical mass of streamer functionalities.

I could be wrong though.

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Firmware / stability of software is overdue.
Don‘t know why the process has been slowed down / what other topics obviously got a higher priority.
Hopefully they release a new „official company statement“ where things are heading to as the former one (by CEO) is also outdated / no longer valid.
Still believing in the good Smile

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