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Repairing Phantom
Hi guys.

Just wanted to let everybody, who also has gotten their Phantoms banged around a bit, know that there is hope.
One of my phantoms was making a rattling noise after I lent it to a friend who was having a party.
This has bothered me for months now as the rattling sound is very clear on deep bass tracks on low to medium volume.
After seeing the video of one guy opening and repairing a phantom I decided to try and do the same.
I opened one side as the rattling sound only came from one of the woofers. When I took the one side out a little white round pin fell out.
I dont know exactly where this piece came from, but I came to a quick conclusion that this must have been the problem.
I re-assembled the speaker and lord behold. It was working just fine now.

The tricky part is the woofer shield. It is very thin and glued to the woofer. Easy to bend when prying off. It is extremely important that this shield is attached back on the woofer with an air tight seal or else bass will leak out and create distortion.

Hope this will be helpful for others experiencing similar trouble. 

Enjoy your amazing speakers and beautiful music.
Congrats on the successful operation. I too saw a video of someone disassembling a phantom but it involved and ax.

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