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SAM with a REL Sub
Hello, I have a pair of REL S/820s that I'm going to connect to my Devialet 120. The REL's have a connection called High Level Connection, and it's supposed to be hooked up to the speaker posts. This way the Subwoofer receives the same signal as your speakers and the integration is supposed to be more cohesive.

The question is: If I have SAM activated (Focal Diablo Utopia) and the SAM page says it goes to 26Hz, I would assume that the Devialet won't send any signals below that frequency, hence I need to deactivate SAM.

Does anyone have any experience with something similar?
It's not how it works. Speakers will receive full frequency range, but with some EQ (both gain and phase) applied in some part of the bass range. This EQ is "dynamic" - it depends of the volume level, thus protecting the speakesrs from overload on higher volume levels.

Anyway, with the setup like yours - SAM should be turned off, because this "EQ" is not "calculated" for subwoofers.

BTW, with Devialet - you should try low level connection, despite all REL marketing about high level connection.
Of course, if your 120 has pre-outs.
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