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Shunyata Zitron Anaconda Loudspeaker Cables 3.5m

Shunyata Zitron Anaconda Loudspeaker Cables  3.5m

These were bought for £4,350 in December 2014 when I had a need for 3.5m runs when using stand mounts.

Now I have floor mounts I've switched to 2m runs, still Shunyata.

They are banana terminated in immaculate condition. Serial numbers ASZ-13638 and 39.

At the time they were Shunyata's top loudspeaker cable and were in Absolute Sounds's 2017 Editors' Choice list:

"Shunyata Anaconda

$2250/1m pr. interconnect; $3995/2m pr. Speaker

Don’t be fooled by the less-than-stratospheric price of these interconnects and loudspeaker cables from Shunyata; they compete with, and in many ways exceed, the performance of the world’s best cables regardless of price. They have a startling vividness and immediacy without being forward or analytical, tremendous soundstage dimensionality, great timbral liquidity, and the ability to convey very fine recorded details. A reference-quality interconnect and cable at a real-world price."

Selling for £1,600 plus postage and insurance - less than 40% of purchase price - but no offers please.
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