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Sound Difference FW 13.2
Well, being able to use phono with some room correction is for sure an upgrade sound-wise (where with digital this was already possible using Roon)
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(07-Oct-2020, 08:48)alphafox Wrote: Now that I managed to create a new config file from scratch with the right SAM profile, I have to confess I am not noticing any sound difference.

Nevertheless, the Room EQ feature seems interesting and I'll investigate the possibility to use it. What would be the best software package you would recommend?

Room EQ Wizard
You will also need to connect a microphone to your computer. Any microphone will do, as you will only be trying to detect peaks and lows.

(But this should be a whole new thread, unless there is already one)

The "Wizard" (or REW for short) comes with a steep learning curve and all the oddities of a Java App, but it's cross platform and once you get comfortable with it, it's a lot of fun. 
AS IS Devialet's Sweet Room Package!!!
(though as usual I can't understand why Dev doesn't let us send the configuration file via ethernet. this SD card thing is driving me mad Blush )

I Have spent the good part of a day on it, and I am pretty pleased with the result, as it seems I have managed to dampen 3 annoying peaks between 40 and 80 Hz. Very happy with it so far....

Quick Intro here:
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(08-Oct-2020, 18:54)yanc Wrote: why Dev doesn't let us send the configuration file via ethernet

What happens if you remove the SD card with the amp running, edit EQ settings and re-insert the SD card? Does it apply the new settings?
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The recent update really changed my system for the better. The bass is much tighter and there's better separation and clarity. I know some of you haven't noticed anything but on my system it's plainly evident. I checked with Mathieu at Devialet and he said the update shouldn't have had any effect on SQ. The acid test: after playing a track that both my wife and I knew quite well, she asked me whether I had tweaked the system!
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I really got absolutely the same impression.
Any other feedback from Mathieu on further bug fixes or new features like Tidal connect ?

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